Why use Got Orphans Transport?

Whether you are an adopter attempting to get your new family member home, or you are a rescue trying to get a dog to a foster or forever home, you want to be sure you are making the right choice for your transport needs. We at Got Orphans Transport understand this is a big decision. Allow us to share with you some of the reasons we know we are the best in the business.

    Why YOU should choose Got Orphans Transport

  • Got Orphans Transport uses a fully enclosed RV to transport your pets. We don't use a trailer pulled behind a truck. This ensures that all dogs are monitored at all times. We also know if there is a problem with something like climate controls.

  • We are proud of our two drivers. They are pet owners and truly love the animals they transport. We constantly receive complements on our drivers. We use the same two drivers for every transport, so there is always someone available to check on the animals.

  • Got Orphans Transport offers a clean, safe enviornment for your animals to travel in. The drivers keep the crates and animals clean and watch for any stress or health issues.

  • We offer a regular, dependable schedule with Friday and Saturday delivery for your animals.

  • Our drivers have a phone on board and can be reached during the transport. They also always try to keep the person(s) picking up alerted to any delays, etc.

  • Got Orphans Transport boasts two backup air conditioner units and a back up generator. Our RV is regularly maintained.

  • All animals on board are required to have a vet issued health certificate and be quarenteened for two weeks prior to travel to help ensure the health of all animals onboard.

  • Got Orphans Transport is a licensed animal transport. We have been in business for over six years. Got Orphans was started by a rescuer who understands what people needed in a transport.

  • Have questions? Contact Nikki at gotorphanstransport@yahoo.com

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